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Oat Beta Glucan is obtained with advanced bio-extraction and separation techniques with the ability to penetrate the skin. It is a super skin soothing active and is especially useful for irritated and sensitive skin types. Despite its large molecular size, beta-glucan is clinically proven to be able to penetrate the skin and deliver remarkable benefits. Oat Beta Glucan can stimulate Macrophages cells – activating the skin’s natural immune system to repair itself. Macrophages are a type of cell that surrounds and kills harmful microorganisms, removes dead cells and stimulates the activity of other immune system cells within the skin. This makes it a potent active – not just for soothing inflamed skin but preventing premature ageing. It also reduces discolouration of scars, which makes it great for stretch marks.

Oat Beta Glucan is well suited for sensitive skin and babies’ skin, reducing the skin’s sensitivity. Its anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal in such conditions. In hair care, it helps improve hair resilience, reducing breakage and increasing body and volume. It visibly fades fine lines and wrinkles and deeply hydrates the skin. Glucan can be added to sunscreen products to protect the Langerhans cells. In scar tissue, it stimulates tissue granulation, collagen deposition and re-epithelization.

Best for reducing redness, irritation and itchy skin.

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Oat Beta Glucan Liquid
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