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Saffron is a spice made from the red-gold stigma filaments or “threads” of an autumn-flowering species of crocus. Its name is thought to be a corruption of the Arab word zafaran, which means “spice” and is sometimes also used to refer to the color yellow. Although the saffron crocus has been cultivated for centuries in the Mediterranean region, it was once reserved for kings and pharaohs. Saffron is still the most expensive spice because it is the most costly to produce. Since each flower only has three stigmas, it takes a lot of plants to produce even a small amount of spice. Fortunately, a pinch of saffron goes a very long way in terms of flavor and color.

The dried flower stamens, sold as “threads,” are widely used as seasoning in Indian, Greek and Italian cuisines.

Saffron for glowing skin : Take 4-5 strands of saffron and soaked it into water for 2-3 hours.
Now, use this mix over your face and massage gently. Wash it after 5 minutes. The process may be repeated twice or thrice a week for fairer skin.
Saffron good for pimples : Make a paste of Saffron ( 10 strands) and basil leaves (6-7 leaves). Apply the paste over your face and wash after 10 minutes. This application is good in prevention of acne, blemishes, pimples, wrinkles and other black spots from the face.

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