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Niacinamide PC is a new upgraded from of niacinamide with a largely reduced amount of nicotinic acid which may cause unpleasant sensations of heat in the skin. Niacinamide is the water-soluble form of niacin, an essential vitamin of the B group, known as vitamin B3. Purity 99-100%.
  • Contains only trace amounts of nicotinic acid. Does not cause unpleasant sensations of heat in the skin
  • Can be used at lower pH and not just at pH >5.5 like regular niacinamide
  • Has soothing activity useful for blemished skin
  • Can improve the appearance of aged, hyperpigmented and photodamaged skin
  • Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • When combined with vitamin A palmitate, niacinamide showed enhanced skin lightening properties
Add to water phase of formula or directly into a finished cream or cream base. Typical use level is 1-6 %, with 5% being a typical and effective concentration. For external use only. Avoid adding to an acidic product. Works also at pH level below 5.5. Should not be combined with l-asorbic acid as they can cancel out each other. For external use only.
Products for blemished skin, lotions, creams, sun care & after sun products, makeup products, anti-aging products.
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Niacinamide PC
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