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Malic acid is a alpha hydroxyl fruit acid (AHA), found in certain fruits like apples, pears and wines making it a fruit acid, It is used in skin care products and recognized for its ability to brighten the skin and smooth its texture. may increase collagen production and reduce signs of aging. It helps to clear away dead skin cells when applied to the skin, by promoting the shedding of the outer layer of skin cells, exfoliating away buildup and pore-clogging impurities.

It is a mild exfoliant that can be used in lower concentrations (typically between 1–2%) to boost the efficacy of other AHA exfoliants such as glycolic and lactic acids. It is milder than other acids


skin hydration
exfoliation, or the removal of dead skin cells
improved skin smoothness and tone
reduction in wrinkles
smooths bumpy skin
INCI: Malic acid
Usage Rate: 1-10%

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