Lactic Acid Liquid 88%


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Lactic Acid is a strong Alpha-Hydroxy Acid and  have excellent exfoliant properties,  milder and second only to Glycolic Acid . It is used for smoothing and softening rough or scaly skin, remove dead skin cells and help fade dark spots, brightens dullness, reduce fine lines, improve the skin’s appearance, it helps keep it naturally hydrated.  Can also be used as a pH adjuster.
It is commonly used as a chemical exfoliant, Like glycolic and mandelic acids, lactic acid belongs to the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family. AHAs are water-soluble organic compounds that, in cosmetic formulations, offer unparalleled benefits for the skin.

Usage Rate:1-10%
liquid solution in water of about 88% purity

The pH is below 2, handle with care.

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Lactic Acid Liquid 88%
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