Clove Hydrosol

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Distilled Clove Water is highly antiseptic by nature. It is used in many beauty and pain reliver products, mouthwashes are one of them, where the product is designed to be “swished” inside the mouth and expelled. Organic clove floral water is extracted from essential oil through a method called steam distillation. It is known for its strong aroma and powerful medicinal and therapeutic properties. Its spicy aroma makes it useful as a decongestant and it possesses powerful antimicrobial properties as well.

Natural Clove Water can be used in place of water for creation of natural fragrances, lotions, creams, facial toners, room sprays, air fresheners, cosmetic care products and other different types of products. All forms of hydrosol water are used in the beauty care industry. This is no wonder since it holds a variety of therapeutic benefits. Unlike the clove essential oil that should be diluted prior to application on skin, this hydrosol water is gentle than its essential oil counterpart.


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