Butylene Glycol


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Butylene glycol (1.3-Butanediol) is an organic solvent and conditioning agent.
Butylene glycol is a solvent with humectant, emollient, and antimicrobial agent properties.

Can be used as a penetration enhancer and to solubilize essential oils, it can also be used as an organic solvent to dissolve active ingredients.
Butylene glycol also works to condition skin and hair by coating the surface, It is moisturizing, protecting, and conditioning the skin and hair. It acts as a great conditioner for the hair, making it soft and flowy, prevents water loss from the hair, thus keeping them from drying out.
Butylene glycol is derived from petroleum, sugarcane, or distilled corn.

INCI: Butylene glycol
Usage rate: 1-10%

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50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1liter


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Butylene Glycol
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